Mosside Presbyterian Church

Building a community of faith to grow with God

Children's Church

October - December

7th October Pamela McCormick/Victoria Thompson 4th November Communion 2nd December Lynda Morrison/Charmain Morrison
14th October Victoria Thompson/Lynne Barr 11th November Alison Smyth/Heather Ewart 9th December Charmain Morrison/Ruth McCracken
21st October Lynne Barr/Sarah McCormick 18th November Heather Ewart/Lynda Morrison 16th December Ruth McCracken/Jolene Small
28th October Sarah McCormick/Alison Smyth 25th November Enrolement 23rd December Nativity
29th October Alison Smyth/Jolene Small November 30th December Jolene Small/Lynsey Stewart

January - March

6th January Lynsey Stewart/Judith McConaghie 3rd February Catherine McBride/Lorna McAllister 3rd March Jackie McBride/Jayne Stewart
13th January Judith McConaghie/Linda Rowe 10th February Lorna McAllister/Anne Adams 10th March Jayne Stewart/Gillian Kennedy
20th January Linda Rowe/Louise Cochrane 17th February Anne Adams/Ruth Barr 17th March Gillian Kennedy/Lorna Creith
27th January Louise Cochrane/ Catherine McBride 24th February Ruth Barr/ Jackie McBride 24th March Lorna Creith/Hester Stevenson
January February 31st March Hester Stevenson/Pamela McCormick

April - June

7th April Pamela McCormick/Victoria Thompson 5th May Alison Smyth/Heather Ewart 2nd June Charmain Morrison/Ruth McCracken
14th April Victoria Thompson/Lynne Barr 12th May Communion 9th June Ruth McCracken/Jolene Small
15th April Lorna McAllister/Victoria Thompson 19th May Heather Ewart/Lynda Morrison 17th June Ruth McCracken/Sarah McCormick
21st April Lynne Barr/Sarah McCormick 26th May Lynda Morrison/Charmain Morrison 23rd June Children's Day
April May 30th June Lynsey Stewart/Judith McConaghie

July - September

7th July Judith McConaghie/Louise Cochrane 4th August Jackie McBride/Matthew McBride 1st September 2019
14th July Louise Cochrane/Catherine McBride 11th August Jackie McBride/Matthew McBride 8th September
21st July Catherine McBride/Lorna McAllister 18th August Jackie McBride/Jayne Stewart 15th September
28th July Lorna McAllister/Jayne Stewart 25th August Jayne Stewart/Gillian Kennedy 23rd September
July August 30th September